AdvertiseIn advertising, as in dry fly fishing, proper presentation to an interested demographic is imperative to success.  So if the idea of placing your company or product directly in front of devoted dry fly anglers appeals to you, then I invite you to consider becoming a sponsor of The Dry Fly Guy and The Dry Fly Forum.  All sponsor’s advertisements are included on both websites!

Commercial advertising space on these websites is limited to two ad types: images with a width to height ratio of 4:1 that you’ll find after the content of every Post and Page, (an example of which is shown below), and images with a 1:1 ratio which you see at the bottom of every right sidebar (including this page).  The 4:1 ratio images have a maximum size of 800 pixels X 200 pixels, and the 1:1 ratio images have a maximum size of 200 pixels X 200 pixels.

For further information, image requirements, and ad rates, please contact me here: Send an email.