Charlie Jenkins and his legacy

Jenkins2The Rodsmith community mourns the loss of one of the great Makers, with the passing of Charlie Jenkins on January 24, 2014.

I won’t try to capitalize on this loss here, as it wouldn’t be right.  If you know who Charlie was then you already know how influential he was to bamboo rod Makers.

His son Steve has been at his father’s side, learning the art and craft, and now carries the tradition of excellence on alone.  He’s been doing so for a number of years now, but “Dad” has been there for him as well, even if he was no longer able to do the physical work of planing rods.

My heart goes out to Steve, and all of Charlie’s family, and I hope that the love and admiration of so many individuals that have been touched by Charlie, will in some way ease their pain at this time of loss.


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