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Scott Rods LogoWhen I began the process of deciding how to launch the Dry Fly Guy, and what I wanted to accomplish with it, I knew that I wanted to incorporate products from companies that I had firsthand experience with, and that I felt I could recommend without reservation.  I put together a short list of those companies, and then looked to identify products that I really wanted to give away as part of the public promotion of this site.  I then approached the companies that had these products and pleaded my case.

I’d like to tell you that every company I approached stepped up and assisted me in this endeavor, but such is not the case.  Most of them however did, and Scott Fly Rods did in a big way (as ARReflections can already attest).  The Dry Fly Guy Gear Giveaway is rapidly coming to a close, and with the final drawings being held in just a few weeks, I’ll be giving away the final Scott Fly Rod: an 854-4 Radian.

The new Scott Radian fly rod

The new Scott Radian fly rod

The Radian series of rods is a brand new series for Scott, and is touted as a fast rod with exceptional feel.  I haven’t fished one, so I can’t really give a review of the rod in that sense.  But my past experience with Scott and their claims indicates that it will live up to this billing.

Now some people like slow rods, and some like fast rods, other’s preferences fall somewhere in-between.  So I’m not going to try and use a bunch of hyperbole to convince you that this is the rod for you.  It may or may not be.  But I can speak to one thing: it looks fantastic and feels great in a wiggle test.

The blank is un-sanded, with the characteristic spiral texture associated with it, and has the nice dark charcoal color of a “natural” graphite blank.Radian 1

The wraps blend with the blank color but have a nice burnt orange tipping that is both reserved and eye catching at the same time.  Call it understated elegance.  The hardware follows suit, with Snake Brand Universal guides, a titanium framed SIC stripper, and black anodized aluminum reel seat hardware.  The reel seat insert is a highly figured hardwood (burled box elder) that compliments the general color combination of the rod’s aesthetic, and adds the only real “flourish” that the rod exhibits.  The “whole” is a rod that doesn’t call attention to itself, but offers a refinement that you’d expect in a production rod that retails for $795.  To my eye the rod is simply superb.

The reel seat hardware is worthy of additional consideration here, as it is “keyed” and keeps the “ring” aligned with the “hood”.  No longer do you need to spin the ring around trying to find the hollow the reel foot will fit into.  It’s always aligned and ready for use.  It’s a little thing, and anglers have been finding the right alignment without it for years.  But it’s a very nice addition that actually has a purpose, and one that I imagine more than few anglers will find they wish existed on their other rods after using it awhile.Radian 2

I have no doubt that this is a fantastic rod, and again, it’s a product I’m giving away that I really wish I could keep.  That not being the case, someone is going to score BIG, and I’m already envious of them.

My sincere thanks go out to Scott Rods for their willingness to support this endeavor.  They make great products that I can recommend without reservations, and every interaction I have ever had with them over the years has been nothing but positive.  I cannot recommend them highly enough, and encourage anyone looking for a new rod to consider any of their rod offerings.  You don’t have to spend $800 to join the Scott Rod family and enjoy made in America craftsmanship.  But if you do buy a Radian of your own, I doubt that you’ll be sorry you did.

For an inside look of the Scott rod shop take a look at this video:

Scott Fly Rod Co. | Behind the Scenes from FELT SOUL MEDIA on Vimeo.

If that doesn’t make you want to buy a Scott Fly Rod, I’m not sure what will.  And if you happen to win this rod in the Dry Fly Guy Gear Giveaway, you had better give us a detailed fishing report and honest review of it. (Or I may just have to take it back.)   ;)



2 thoughts on “Scott Radian

  1. BGreer
    November 22, 2013 at 9:58 pm

    These should give the Sage ONE and the Orvis Helios 2 a serious run for their money.

    Great components throughout the whole rod. Scott really puts a lot of thought into their rods.

  2. tabornatives
    November 29, 2013 at 11:56 am

    I have a good friend that bought the 9ft 5wt and raves about it. I want one, I’d go 8’6″ myself. Very cool that Scott broke with the usual western grip and put a more comfortable small wells on these rods. They did that back when they introduced the original Eclipse series. That is one of my all time favorite grips.

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