Do you have something of great interest to add?  A photo essay perhaps that just doesn’t belong in a comment to a blog entry?  Well, The Dry Fly Guy willingly accepts submissions of relevant and informative editorial content for consideration.  So if you are interested in submitting content for consideration, please read the following information, and then contact me here:  Send an email

What To Submit

Industry News, Short Photo Essays, Product Announcements, and other relevant Press Releases are the most often submitted (and published) content.  Images to accompany (and support) any submission are highly encouraged, and will need to be high quality JPEG format images.

Please remember that a submission to The Dry Fly Guy does not mean that it will be published, only that it will be considered for publication.  Due to the number of submissions I receive, and the requirements of this site, I approve very few submissions for actual publication here.

How To Submit

The first step in submitting content for consideration is to contact me using the email above, and provide a brief synopsis of what you would like to submit for consideration.  I will then contact you requesting further information, or with a notification that I am not interested in considering your submission further.  Most of the time you can expect to hear back from me within three days, and it is likely that you’ll hear from me within twenty-four hours.

Other Requirements

Any submission, including all material that is protected under any copyright laws, must be legally owned by the individual submitting the work.